The Knustford Tube Map


Full of vivid colours and a great combination of Knutsford’s landmarks and the iconic tube map.

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Ever wondered what Knutsford would be like with its own underground railway ? Well wonder no more. Based on underground railway maps this map imagines what the metropolis of Knutsford would be like with its own “tube” system.
After the infamous HS2 project has finished then the Department of Transport intends to begin work on a number of new “underground rapid transit” projects of which Knutsford is intended to be one of the first. This map represents how it would look.
The system includes information on how to navigate the Knutsford transit system and includes how to reach Knutsford airport, domestic and international terminal at Tabley, the waterboat service from Tatton and also include the newly completed Mobberley light rail system.
Bright clean colours portray a system with all the local lines identified like Egerton and Patton with all the main streets and thoroughfares noted.

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