The Guns of Carrow Road


A superbly coloured retro book cover encompassing Alistair MacClean and The Canaries.


This  print is a combination of Alistair MacLean`s 1957 novel, “The Guns of Navarone” and the mighty Canaries who reside at Carrow Road.

This Norwich City work is a favourite of the artist as the colours of green and yellow go superbly well together on this print.

Please note that all watermarks, paper clips and clipped areas are removed from the posted print.

A3, The print comes on 250gsm paper and posted in a tube this print is ideal for framing which really enhances the colours of the print. Alternatively it looks great just pinned on the wall.

Priced at £18 this includes postage to anywhere in the world.


A2 Print, A3 Print


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