We are regularly asked to produce commissions in varying ways.


This is a large A0 version of a Manchester United map that has been tweaked and made suitable for a large space in this case a hotel bar. As well as the striking example of a logoed title extra pieces of detail can be added the map such as a station with your business name as. All this whilst keeping the detail of the map hence increasing customer interest.

These can come in the form of whole maps of new teams, with a line and footnotes dedicated personally to you. An example being the Greenock Morton map.

Morton Lastmg_skl_02mg_skl_01

Another example is changes to current maps show  in these maps there are a few extra stations added and pieces entered in the texts and the banner headlines changed to reflect individual preference.


Lastly and the simplest is to add a station to reflect you own preference in this case a house name but is equally adaptable to football maps.

Chetwynd mg_sw

Costs as usual are all variable but roughly speaking if you want a brand new map of a unique team the cost would be around £375. For the middle option about £90 (total) and for a minor addition £49 (total.) All these prices include endless revisions until we are satisfied and free P&P to anywhere in the world.

Cost please contact me at to discuss and hopefully we can get you a unique, special and informative piece of art.

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